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CWS Consulting Service is a Division of Cascade Water Services. Established in 1981, CWS has grown into a national company, providing high quality Water Treatment and Environmental Services. We are a diversified, customer oriented company. We are an ISO 9002 Certified company. Our Laboratory is NELAC certified. Our Technical Staff has over 100 years of experience in water and air testing, cleaning, treatment and pipe examination. We pride ourselves on the personal service that we provide to all of our customers.

Kindly review this more detailed summary of diversified services. Our diversification within the Water Treatment industry is what sets us clearly apart from any of our competition. No matter who they are! Large or small.
  • Troubleshooting water problems in water systems, e.g. Direct Free Cooling systems, Process Cooling, District Heating and cooling, etc.
  • Writing Cleaning and Treatment Specifications.
  • Non-Destructive Testing with Ultrasonic Pipe Wall Thickness gauges, Ultrasonic Flow Meters, Boroscopes, Radiography, etc.
  • Pipe Failure Examinations.
  • Legionella sampling and examination.
  • Water, Deposits & Air sample analyses. (See our Laboratory Price List for more information.)
  • Surveys of Water and Air Duct Systems.
  • Pretreatment Design and Specifications.
  • Grey Water Treatment.
  • Secondary Disinfection Systems for Potable Water.
  • Training Seminars on the mentioned subjects.

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Hicksville, NY 11801

Phone: (800) 247-3973
Fax: (516) 932-0014

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